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Grappa: The Unmistakable Italian Distillate

Why should you buy grappa online on Vinebrio?

Purchasing a fine bottle of grappa on Vinebrio allows you to savor one of the best expressions of Italian winemaking tradition, directly at home. Our selection of grappas ranges from the most classic ones to the more refined, offering you a unique and satisfying tasting experience, without compromising on quality and at a convenient price.

The barrel-aged grappas, for example, aged in wooden barrels, acquire complex and enveloping notes, while young and fresh grappas offer a delicate and fruity taste.

Discover our assortment of grappa online!

Our selection of grappas offers a wide choice among the best producers and different types of distilleries:

  • White Grappa: This traditional and colorless grappa is made by distilling fresh pomace and offers a pure and genuine taste.
  • Barrel-aged Grappa: Aged in wooden barrels, the barrel-aged grappa acquires complex and enveloping notes that make it perfect to enjoy during a moment of relaxation.
  • Aromatic Grappa: This grappa, distilled from pomace of fine aromatic grapes, offers an intense and characteristic aromatic profile.
  • Single-varietal Grappa: Produced using only one type of grape, these grappas express the character and nuances of the grape variety from which they are derived.

Explore our online grappa catalog and choose the one that reflects your tastes and preferences. Thanks to Vinebrio's assortment, you can enjoy moments of pleasure and sharing in the name of quality and taste.

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