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Rum: A Journey Between Flavor and Tradition

Why should you buy rum online on Vinebrio?

Buying your rum on Vinebrio means opening the doors to a universe of taste and tradition. Rum embodies centuries of history, along with the sweet and pleasantly spicy flavor typical of distillates such as Don Papa, Zacapa, and Diplomatico.

At Vinebrio you will find a varied assortment of high quality rum at a competitive price, both among the classics, such as Caribbean rums, and among more exclusive varieties, like the famous Caroni.

Discover our assortment of rum online!

Each bottle of rum tells a particular story. Here's a taste of our assortment:

  • Don Papa: This Filipino rum is known for its sweet, vanilla flavor, enriched with notes of candied fruit and spices.
  • Zacapa: Made in Guatemala, Zacapa is aged according to a solera system that guarantees a smooth, dense flavor, rich in honeyed notes of caramel.
  • Diplomatico: This Venezuelan rum stands out for an elegant balance of sweetness and complexity, with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla and tropical fruit.
  • Caroni: A legendary rum produced in Trinidad, Caroni is loved by enthusiasts for its powerful and distinctive taste, imbued with notes of caramel and molasses.

Browse through our selection of rum and discover the distillate that reflects your tastes and preferences. With Vinebrio, the quality of rum is also reflected in the price, with advantageous proposals for all needs.

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